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Commercial (office furniture) - Funny Moving

Every day you spend moving your business is one lost day of business so we know how critical it is that we handle your move quickly. Whether you are moving the contents of just one office or your entire operation, our moving service is up to the task no matter how large your business or where you’re moving.

Every commercial move is unique, so we go above and beyond to provide you with moving services to make your commercial move run smoothly at the best price. Here at TOP MOVERS, we customize plans to meet the needs of each business.
We know how important it is for your business to get up and running in its new space as quickly as possible. Whether are moving a couple of items, an entire department or your entire business, we can provide professional relocation services for any commercial move.
We provide a wide range of commercial moving services - packing/unpacking, dis- and reassembly, wrapping, loading/unloading, and more.

TOP MOVERS is equipped to handle your commercial relocation, so you can rest assured that your items will be carefully packed and delivered. Our movers always come well-prepared with special equipment and materials to safely handle your items and protect them scratches and other damages. No matter where you plan to move your business - across the state, within the county, or around the corner - TOP MOVERS can professionally to get you there.


Business and office moving

As commercial movers, we can transport desks, modular and systems office furniture, filing cabinets, and much more. Our goal is to get you moved to your new location on time and within your budget.


Medical equipment moving

Medical equipment requires great care and experience for safe transportation. Our highly trained movers, packers and relocation personnel will help you choose all of the services that you need to successfully move.


Electronics moving

TOP MOVERS have experience in moving, packing and delivering electronics and other high-value items. We work hard to ensure that all your sensitive items are carefully and safely handled.


Warehouse moving

We have vast experience with warehouse moving. From small to large, we offer complete warehouse moving services.

We offer FREE on-site estimates to provide you with an accurate written quote. We also make sure to discuss any special instructions or packing requirements that you may have. Additionally, we offer packing supplies for do-it-yourself packing, which we deliver prior to your move date.