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Moving Tips

  • Like any other event, you need to prepare carefully for a move. This will help you to save the time for which you are paying on the day of the move. It will also help the movers to carefully pack everything and get it loaded into the truck. The technique for packing and loading is the same for all moving companies, and this advice will work for moving a large house or for moving an apartment.
  • Before the move you will need to get a few medium boxes, go around your home and gather up your smaller belongings (television remotes, keys, office supplies, jewelry, etc.). If you take care of this early, the work will go more quickly and the movers will not have unnecessary questions about every little thing they find: “where should we put this?” or “where should we put that?”
  • After you contract a moving company you need to figure out parking for the truck on the day of the move. An average truck measures 30 feet long and 14 feet tall. Parking a couple of small cars will be enough to reserve sufficient space. For a large move, we recommend calling LADOT and reserving enough space both for the loading and unloading of the truck.
  • The next step after the truck parks is to show the movers everything that you plan to move. Remember to point out the shortest route for the movers to carry each piece of furniture. The shorter the route the quicker the truck is loaded, and that will help to save time. Though you should also make certain that the doors are wide and there are fewer steps and stairs.
  • Do not interfere while the movers are working, and ensure there are no children or pets in the rooms. This is important for both safety and speed of work.
  • If you plan to move a refrigerator you will need to clear it out. Prepare a icebox ahead of time. The day of the move you can place all your groceries in the icebox and the movers will take it to your new place.
  • If you have decided to pack your possessions yourself, take only two types of boxes, large and small. Only pack light items in the large boxes (sheets, clothing, pillows, children’s toys, etc.). Place only heavy items in the small boxes (files, books, glassware, etc.). If you have a large kitchen and a lot of fragile dishes, remember to inform our operator that we need to bring extra kitchen wrapping paper. The same with clothing—large wardrobe boxes are needed for a large closet (extra wrapping paper and wardrobe boxes are completely free).
  • When choosing the date for your move, check what the weather will be like, it is better not to end up moving in the rain. Verify the daily parking to be sure they are not cleaning the street that day. Funny Moving Company is not responsible for any tickets given during working hours, rather the client bears this responsibility.
  • Now you are all ready! Have a great move!